How To Market Your Music Lessons on YouTube | Ep 9

Market Your Music Lessons on YouTube


Remember how you felt in 7th grade when your photo was featured in your middle school bulletin? Remember how you felt when your name was listed with 30 other kids in the community newspaper? Perhaps you felt like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he read his name in the phone book


Any type of public recognition feels good.

You feel like you matter. You feel like a part of history.

This is not about music lessons.   

This is about changing kids lives.


Better Than Music

I interviewed two boys last summer at my summer camp after they attended an Imagine Dragons concert. They shared their thoughts on the show as we recorded live on Facebook. The video went viral within my community. It performed better than all of my other videos of kids playing music. This was a little insight in how to market music lessons on YouTube.


WHY? Kids playing music catches the eye. But kids talking and sharing their perspectives resonates on another level. Everyone is intrigued by a child’s take on the world. A kids perspective is always refreshing and honest. If the sound of the 6 o’clock news is on mute, you’re more likely to unmute it for a 10-year-old kid being interviewed than a 40-year-old being interviewed.


The Big Takeaway

There is value in this interview format for a music studio. Perhaps even more valuable than the musical format I had always relied on.


This is a huge opportunity for music studios.


A Unique Way to Market Your Music Lessons on Youtube

A talk show format featuring your students. Either an internet “radio show” (a podcast) or a “TV show” (YouTube or Facebook live show)


Everyone Loves Your Voice

A talk show should allow you to make good on your brand promise (fun, unique, creative).


Your brand promise should extend beyond your music lessons. Music lessons are just one component of your brand or business personality. Every nook and cranny in your business should live up to your brand promise. Fun, unique, creative maybe different.


A talk show would allow you to create a magical and memorable moment for your students. Recitals and concerts are the obvious way to do this. Your competitor probably does this as well. Perhaps you celebrate students’ musical accomplishments with a certificate and Instagram pic. A “TV” or “radio” show allows you to take the celebration to another level.


Cool Kids In the Playground

Your studio also allows your students to increase their position in the social order at school. They are no longer just a kid. They are a musician. Think about that for a moment. You take being a musician for granted. You’ve been one for most of your life. If you’re a 12-year-old musician you’ve got instant status on the playground. That’s what school talent shows are all about. It’s an opportunity for kids to secure their position in the social order.


Today’s Special Guest Is…

An online TV or radio style show would allow your students to achieve increased status within in your studio and your external community. Having the opportunity to appear as a guest on your studios YouTube or podcast ads value to the experience. It is one more reason to remain in your studio. Why do people continue on in lessons with you, especially after the novelty of taking lessons wares off? Because they obtain value from the lessons, they obtain value from the  recitals or concerts, because they like the community your school creates. A music studio podcast of YouTube show would allow you to take this experience to another level.


What Makes Your Studio “Fun”?

If you’re looking for a way to make your studio truly fun and creative and unique you have to look beyond the music lesson. You have to look beyond the recital. A podcast, YouTube or Facebook show is another way to celebrate your students, to build culture and to be different.


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