Make Your Student the Star of the Show

Grandma Will Be So Proud

No one cares about scales, chords and theory. They don’t care because they don’t know what that is.
No one cares when a website declares “We teach all styles of music from classical, jazz, rock and pop”.
That’s not what they’re looking for.


Your customers are looking for transformation-change-a better tomorrow.
They aren’t interested in your college degree and your expertise.


What if you replaced the word “I” for the word “YOU”?


What would happen if you put the child in the narrative and removed yourself?

Piano Lessons

“Come on play us a song” Grandma demands. The family gets quiet as you lift the piano cover. You take a breath and in an instant-music fills the room. “Hmm, pretty good” Toes start-a-tappin’, two-year old cousins start-a-dancing and everybody sings along. Bring a little extra joy to your next family gathering. Be the life of the party. Play the piano. We’ll show you how.  

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