How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp

Winter Break and Black Friday camps are a great way to generate some year-end revenue. Camp is an appealing offer to prospective students since they only have to commit for a few days as opposed a month or semester.  The content below is from the Kidzrock Operations Manual. It maps out how to operate a one-day camp for kids 4-10. 

Camp Preparation

  1. Identify what schools your customers attend and days that they are closed. (national holidays, professional development days, parent-teacher conferences etc)
  2. Offer your students free enrollment in camp if they will email out to their class the promotional email below.
  3. Network with school PTO groups about camp.


Camp Program Structure

  1. Coloring Guitars (15 minutes)
  2. Icebreakers: My Name is Game (15 minutes)
  3. Band rehearsal (45 minutes)
  4. Snack (15 minutes)
  5. Design a Kick Drum Head for the Band (20 minutes)
  6. Physical Activity (20 minutes)
  7. Band Rehearsal (40 minutes)
  8. Concert (15 minutes)

Coloring Guitars

Purchase or make cardboard cut out electric guitars. Use yarn for guitar straps. Have each camper write their name and color a guitar as campers arrive. Visit or search the web for “guitar cutouts”.

Icebreakers: My Name is Game

Sitting as a group on the floor in a circle.

Camp Director:  We are all going to start off by playing the “My Name is Game”. Here’s how we play. My name is Debbie (pointing to self) and I like the drums (making a drumming motion). Debbie starts with “d” and so does drums. What’s your name?

Kevin: Kevin

Camp Director: What do you like that starts with the letter K?

Kevin: Karate (offer options to the child if they are unable to think of anything)

Camp Director: Can you show me with your hands how you do Karate?

Camp Director: (pointing to self) My name is Debbie and I like drums (drumming motion). His name is Kevin and he likes karate (karate motion)

Band Rehearsal

The goal is for each band to learn to play and sing one song for the end-of-camp concert. Pick an easy song for each band to learn. Band rehearsals should be conducted using the standard class format (see Class Details)

Peanut-Free Snack

Graham crackers and apple juice are a safe option

Design a Kick Drum Head for the Band

Have each band pick a band name. (see Picking a Band Name) and design a kick drum head for their band. Use an extra large paper and trace the shape of the Kidzrock drum head (16″). Write out the band’s name and have the band members color/design the paper drum head.

Physical Activity

Below is a list of easy games you can play.

  1. Duck-Duck-Goose
  • Sit in a circle.
  • Decide who will be “it” first.
  • Walk around the circle, tapping heads saying “duck, duck”
  • Choose a “goose” and run around the circle
  • “Goose” jumps up and chases after “it.” The goose’s goal is to tag “it” before “it” is able to sit down in the goose’s spot.
  • If “it” makes it around the circle and gets back to the goose’s spot without being caught, the goose now becomes “it.”

       2. Musical Chairs

  • Played by walking around chairs to music (upbeat tempo)
  • When the music is turned off the players find a chair to sit down in
  • Face chair backs to each other creating a circle
  • Walk around the chairs when the music starts
  • Find a chair to sit in when the music stops
  • Leave the game if you’re left without a chair
  • Remove one more chair and play again
  • Continue playing rounds until there is one person left


      3. Baseball Workout 

Act out the following sports-related movements. Say each line 2-times using the rhythm below.

  1. “Throw the ball like a baseball pitcher. Throw the ball”  
  2. “Swing the bat like a home run hitter. Swing the bat”
  3. “Run the bases as the crowd is cheering. Run the bases”
  4. “Tag the runner call him out at home plate. Tag the runner”
  5. “Do it again but a little bit faster. 1-2-ready let’s go” Repeat the movements but faster. Cycle through the actions 3 or 4 times.


  1. Explain what campers did in camp. 
  2. Introduce band
  3. Perform song 1
  4. Sing song
  5. Campers and staff pose for photo
  6. Hand out promotional materials

Promoting Camp

Before the start of a season (semester) create a spreadsheet of all schools your customers attend.  Identify all one-day school closings for your customers. Set up Fun Days based on these dates. Public school districts are a great resource since you have the potential to draw from multiple schools at once.

Dear (Parent name)

I noticed that (child’s name) school has a (early release/day off) on (day/month). (Business Name) would like to offer a special program on this day to (child’s name) classmates called (School name) Rocks. The program will involve playing in a band, an art project and a concert for friends and family. The cost of the program is ($30-$35) per student. We would waive your fee if you would be willing to email the parents in (child’s name) grade about this opportunity. I can send you a message to email out to (child’s name) grade announcing the program. Please reply if you are interested so we can reserve this date for (school name) Rocks!

Have a parent email out the message below to families in their child’s class.

Dear (Grade) Parents

My (son/daughter) (name) participates in a rock band program for young kids at (Business Name). The music school has put together a special program for (school name) (grade) graders on (Date) called (School name) Rocks. For only ($30-$35), you can drop your child off for 3 hours to participate in this rock band program. The kids will spend the bulk of the time learning to play electric guitar, keyboard and drums. There will be a short concert at the end of the program. You can learn more about this music program by visiting (website link). Space is limited to 6 campers. 

Visit to learn more about winter break camp



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