Why Kids Shouldn’t Read Music | Episode 10

How To Make Kids Care About Reading Music

“Why should I learn how to read music? I can just learn this from YouTube. Will I ever use this in life?” I think that’s a fair question. How would you answer this? How would you answer this in a way that would make kids care about reading music?


In the book “Made to Stick” Dan and Chip Heath explore a similar question that has been posed to math teachers since the beginning of math class. “Why should I learn algebra? When in life will I ever need this? Does this question take you back to 10th grade?


Great questions. How would you answer these questions? Listen to this episode to learn how the Heath brothers get to the core desire behind these ancient old questions.


Questions for You

  1. How  would you answer these questions?
  2. Do you agree with the Heath Brothers?


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