Why People Don’t Care About Music Lessons

People Care About This

What do your customers REALLY want? Why did they seek out music lessons in the first place? What outcome are they looking for?


The better your understand  your customers hopes, dreams and fears-the better you can communicate with them. The better you can write email and website copy that makes them feel like you get them.


Which statement below best reflects the sales copy on your website?
Which statement do you feel resonates more with moms?
Which statement below do you feel is more likely get you more students?


At Marty’s Music Shack we offer quality music lessons. Our expert instructors will teach your child the skills they need to grow as a musician. We teach all styles of music and all skill levels.


At Marty’s Music Shack we believe music has the ability to transform a child’s life. The life lessons a child learns from the process of  playing and performing music are significant. Our music lessons make playing music accessible to kids. This helps children feel good about their abilities and good about themselves. This makes kids feel successful and a sense of pride. Our goal is to help your child experience success through music.


Take off your music hat.


Put on your parent hat.


Get out of your head and get into the thoughts of your customers. 

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