When Clever Goes Wrong

You Didn’t Get the Joke?

A clever tagline or email subject can quickly backfire if your message is lost in the humor. It’s tempting to go clever. So many great brands have a dab of humor. ‘Finger Lickin Good’ ‘The quicker picker-upper’ to name a few.


But what if your music studio isn’t a common household name? Your studio name might not tell the whole story. “Springfield Music” doesn’t tell the whole story, and that’s ok. Springfield music could be a retail store, it could be a recording studio. Your tagline is your chance to simply state what you do. It’s an opportunity to paint a picture of how music lessons will enhance your child’s life. “Music Lessons That Will Make You Smile” “Piano Lessons You’ll Love”.


What’s that Commerical?

How many TV commercials have captured your attention with comedy? Monday morning water cooler talk leads to SNL reviews and a funny Friday night commercial that sell-that sell? The product eludes you.

A tagline that simply defines what you do always wins.  A touch of clever, that doesn’t confuse, makes for a memorable catchphrase.


Music school taglines 

Awesome Music Lessons for Awesome Kids
Lessons and Rock Band That Are ss Cool as Your Kid
Music Lessons Your Child Will Thank You For
Piano Lessons That Kids Love

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