What Your Customers Really Want Out of Music Lessons | Ep 149

What Your Customers Want Out of Music Lessons

Why do parents seek out after-school activities? Is it because they feel like kids aren’t learning or experiencing enough in school and they need to supplement that with additional programming? Why do parents seek out music lessons? Do parents expect or hope for different results from music lessons as opposed to other activities?


On one level, after-school activities are just a part of societal norms. Everyone else is doing it. Everyone else is signing their kids up for dance, soccer, and music. We all want to fit in and be accepted. One way to achieve this is to go with the flow.


We could guess and speculate what drives our customers. We might not be too far off the mark. The better we understand our customer’s motivations the better we can not only market to them, the better we can customize our products and services to better meet their needs.


The Challenge With Marketing Music Lessons

The service you sell, music lessons, is a dynamic product. It helps people in a variety of ways. If your service was say dry cleaning it would be more cut and dry in terms of what value your service brings to people’s lives. People who take their clothes to a dry cleaner want their clothes to be clean which will help them feel confident and good about themselves knowing they look good in their freshly pressed clothes.


All purchases are driven by a desire to improve or enhance one’s life. Most services fix one problem and create one desirable outcome.


Music lessons aren’t so so simple. Music lessons deliver value in so many different ways. It not only adds value to a child’s life but it also adds value to the parent’s life.


The Secret to Marketing Music Lessons

The secret to successfully marketing your music teaching business is to identity, not what value your think music lessons provide, but what value your ideal client thinks they provide. The better you understand your ideal client the better you can market to them.


The way you achieve this is by talking to them. By asking them questions. By identifying emotional drivers and partners in your customer’s speech. By listening for words and phrases that reveal your customer’s core desires. Marketing becomes interesting when you build your brand language based on your customer’s words as opposed to your own. Marketing becomes more effective when your customers feel like your messaging is speaking directly to them. Of course, it feels like it’s speaking to them. You’re simply using your own words!


In today’s show, Deanna Mao, the owner of Confident Voice Studio in Portland Oregon,  shared with me recordings of conversations she had with 3 of her customers. She asked them all the same questions.


  1. How has music helped your child?
  2. What are the biggest challenges with raising children today?
  3. When do you feel like you’re being a good parent?
  4. What do you appreciate most about us?


Their answers provide a window into how many of your customers think.

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