Turn Your Website Into a Selling Machine | Episode 7

Your Website Might Be the Problem


Are you struggling to grow your music studio? Do you need more students…today? Your website is most likely the culprit.


It’s true. Your website could actually be hurting your business. If your website does not follow the basic rules of messaging and design, you could be leaving money on the table. You could be confusing website visitors who aren’t clear as to what they are supposed to do when they land on your site.


In this episode, I lay out a simple plan that will help turn your website into a selling machine.


What is the purpose of YOUR website?


  • It’s NOT to provide lots of information
  • It’s to persuade the website visitor to opt in by giving you their email and phone number
  • It’s to make a sale
  • It’s to get permission to market to your prospects: educate them and provide value to them
  • Your website is a hub – all online and offline marketing leads back to your website.


How do people behave on a website?


  • What are people doing before they make it to your website? (social media, surfing)
  • We think people want access to information: Many businesses create websites like a brochure with lots of information. The modern website functions more like a business card or short pamphlet-Remember what’s the purpose? To get visitors to opt in.
  • People want to be guided and led through your website. They don’t want to have to guess where to go and what to click.
  • When people land on your website they have 3 questions.


  1. What is this?
  2. What’s in it for me?
  3. What I am supposed to click?


  • People don’t read your copy-they scan it
  • Use headlines-bullet points-short paragraphs
  • Avoid a wall of text—no one reads it (too much work if it takes more than 20 seconds to read)


Basic design concepts


  • Hire a professional
  • Design like a billboard
  • Single image: Fills up the entire frame: no border
  • Music school: Happy kid playing an instrument


Avoid slide shows, images of instruments that says We sell instruments and then image of yourself.


  1. Logo in the upper left-hand corner
  2. 3-5 menu options across the top-about, lessons, contact
  3. Call to action button in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Call to action button in the center towards the bottom


  • CTA=action oriented (start today, play music now, Play music today, yes, I’m ready to play)


AVOID: Contact us, (delay, another step) and request info (we’ll email you stuff aka junk)


  1. Featured message: (tag) This is what we do – this is how it will enhance your life (learn to play music—it’s easier than you think)

How do people find you and what are they doing before they land on your site

  • Ads
  • Social media
  • Have multiple tabs open-one tab is social media/email
  • They’re addicted to both. They want to hop back and check every minute or so.
  • Time is tight-can’t afford to have any fat-or “happy talk” (small talk)


If your website does not follow the basic rules of messaging and design, you could be confusing website visitors who arent clear as to what they are supposed to do when they land on your site.


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