How I Made $100K a Year With Kidzrock/Jr Rockerz | Aug 29 1:30 PM EST

Grow Your Music Studio This Fall

In this webinar I’ll explain how I was able to add an additional $100,000 of revenue a year to my music studio with Kidzrock and Jr. Rockerz.


This would be a huge win for your studio if you make even a fraction of this amount.  These out of the box, plug-and-play programs allow kids, as young as 4, to have the ultimate musical experience; playing music with a group of their peers to an adoring and supportive crowd.


You’ll also learn how to apply these concepts to other areas of your business.


Join me on August 29 at 1:30 PM EST to learn how to make this fall your most profitable season yet!


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Success Stories

I easily pay for the licensing in one month of classes. The remaining 11 months is pure profit for my studio. These programs are completely turn-key and come ready for you to implement. It was a no-brainer for us.

~Danny Thompson-The Music Factory: Orange County CA


We’ve experienced 30% growth as a result of these programs¬†

We just learned the system and utilized the marketing materials Dave provided. We saw instant results 

~Tom Lelyo – The Music Compound: Sarasota FL