How To Create Viral Videos and Get Press For Your Music Studio With Sophia Hardesty | Ep 102

An Easy Way To Get Press For Your Music Studio

In this episode, I share an easy strategy that is guaranteed to get you local press and generate viral videos on social media.


A St. Louis based 5-man marching band of college kids took their music to suburban streets. Their message of unity and music went viral and local news featured this feel-good story. Sleepyquarantined neighborhoods came to life as folks stood in their doorways in amazement.


The element of surprise and sights and sounds made for good social media content. Not just for this merry marching band,  but every person that stood and waved or shuffled along with the band in the streets.


What If Your Music Studio Did Something Like This?

What if your music studio assembled some students that walk and play music? Drums and a backline of 15 strumming guitars. Perhaps your finest 5 singers marching in time. What a great sight it would make. Kids lighting up the streets with music and song.

Your local press has lots of doom and gloom to report on. They’re always looking for a feel-good story to end the nightly news or feature on the morning show. Creativity is always the path to getting press for your music studio.

Sure it’s great for business. Fee press always goes a long way. But just imagine what impact it will have on your students. Everyone is thrilled to see themselves on the local news. It makes for a good story that your students will share.


How To Get Press For Your Music Studio

One way to get press for your studio is of course by creating a spectacle like marching and singing down streets. Another way to get local press is by writing press releases for newsworthy events. The keyword here is newsworthy. Your Spring recital is not necessarily newsworthy. Gathering a few of your students to volunteer at a soup kitchen, or offering to help the parks department clean up after a big event makes for a feel-good story. Not to mention it creates an opportunity for kids to learn about the value of giving. It’s an opportunity for to show your students and your community you’re more than just music lessons. You’re about creating opportunities to help kids be better people.

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