Kidzrock Band Practice

The goal in Kidzrock is for kids to be up and playing as a rock band on day one. Children who perceive playing an instrument as fun and easy will feel successful in their abilities.

Kidzrock Live in Concert

It's amazing to see what young kids are capable of doing with music. Kidzrock maximizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.  The hope is that a child falls in love with music and finds the instrument the speaks to them. Private lessons become a destination.

Kidzrock Grand Finale

Each Kidzrock band plays two songs and sings a song in concert. The band members switch instruments for each song. It has become a tradition for all the rock stars to come back up on stage for this grand finale performance of "Rock n Roll Band"

Jr. Rockerz Band Practice

Learning how to play an instrument in a group setting creates an environment of positive peer pressure. It's not about pleasing your instructor or your parents. It's about contributing to the band. It's about being a part of this big sound. Jr. Rockerz creates built-in inspiration and motivation.

Jr. Rockerz Live in Concert

Two of the girls take private lessons; two of the girls do not take lessons. The kids in Jr. Rockerz learn how to play their instruments in the setting of the rock band. The program provides parts for complete beginners and the more experienced musician. What's so unique about the program is that each song has a melody but no words. The kids in the band write all of the song lyrics!

Piano Jam

Piano Jam teaches kids how to play the piano in a performing ensemble. The program is designed to teach children the skills they need to play pop music and perform in a jam session. Piano lessons have historically focused on teaching kids how to read and play music that they might not be familiar with. Piano Jam focuses on making music lessons fun and social which helps motivate kids to want to continue learning. Piano Jam works great in both an in-person setting or online. Watch these 7 year-olds performing after only 4 rehearsals.

Kidzrock and Jr. Rockerz

"There was clearly a growing need in my school for younger children. I wanted to figure out how could I offer meaningful music programming for this age group that didn't have a lot of options."

~ Dave Simon