What Promise Does Your Studio Make

How is your music studio unique? What promise does your school make? What will a child gain by learning at your studio? These are all questions you must answer in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is the guarantee you make to your customers. It is expressed and summarized in your slogan or tagline. For example, the tagline for the car rental company, Avis, is ‘We’re number two. We try harder’. This is a promise of commitment to quality and service. It implies that they aspire to be better than number one. It’s an inviting promise.

Your studios’ USP isn’t just a superficial marketing tactic. It’s a philosophy and approach that permeates throughout every aspect of your studio. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ is a great example that comes to mind. Be fearless, be brave, be bold, just DO IT. This statement has nothing to do with the actual product.  By wearing Nike you will be perceived as a go-getter. Everyone wants to be a “just do it” kind of person.

I did a random google search for music school taglines and divided my results into two group. Group A and Group B. Group A makes the promise of quality and Group B promises a feeling. Which taglines resonate with you?

Group A: Quality and Expertise

  1. The Finest Music Education Available
  2. Voted the Best Music School in Springfield
  3. Columbia’s Largest Music School
  4. Expert Instruction
  5. Offering the Best Music Lessons To Our Community

Group B: Feelings

  1. Music Lessons You’ll Love
  2. Inspiring Kids Through Music
  3. Empower Your Child
  4. Learn to Love How to Play
  5. A Life Changing Experience

Every Word Counts

Group A uses words such as finest, best, largest and expertise. Group B uses words such as love, inspire, empower, change, experience. Group A focuses on the product. Group B focus on the feelings the product provides. These are very different messages and promises. Why do parents want their kids to even take music lessons? Is the parent motivated more by the quality of education or the personal growth their child will experience? What does a parent hope their child will gain or achieve from music lessons? Does the parent want one outcome and their child another? It’s important to think these questions through to understand what motivates your customers. Your schools USP has to address and answer these questions.

At my music school we start off each employee meeting reviewing our USP; Enriching Lives Through Music. Our USP allows us to focus on a singular mission and goal. Every action we take in our studio is an effort to ultimately enrich the lives of children.

You and your competitors are all vying for the attention of your community. You offer a similar service which makes it hard to break through the social media and advertising noise. Your USP should resonate with your target audience in a way that your competitors do not. Your USP is an invitation to open your virtual door (your website) and take a look around. Your USP should be implied in your marketing materials, sales efforts and delivery of service. This is the key to sales and student retention.

Listen to this parent react to the 10 different music school taglines included in this blog

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