The Secret to Upselling Your Customers | Ep 88

Upselling Music Lessons

Trying to persuade your customers to choose the more expensive option, so you can make more money is a sham. It’s unethical and will ultimately come back to kick you in the caboose. Trying to persuade your customers to choose the more expensive option because you believe it will better help them achieve their dreams is ethical selling. Your customers’ needs always have to come first.  It’s up to you to create an upgrade that will benefit both you and your customers.


I was just at Walgreens and the woman working behind the register used a classic sales tactic. I don’t know if it was a conscious effort or if she just perfectly executed this tactic. A woman standing in front of me, the customer, steps up to the counter. The woman behind the counter, the employee, complimented the customer on her necklace.


I could tell from the customer’s voice that she was flattered “oh, thank you” she said as she lifted her necklace to give it a quick glance. “It was a gift from a good friend”


The two women struck up a pleasant conversation as the employee was scanning and bagging the products. The woman behind the counter commented on something that the customer was buying and made a recommendation for another product that apparently “goes great” with the product the woman was buying.


The customer thanked her for the tip and went back and to grab the other product as I stepped up to the registrar.


 So what happened there?


Making a Connection with Customers

For one, the employee started the transaction by making a personal connection with the customer. She complimented her on her necklace; on her good taste and sense of fashion.  There is some truth behind the expression “flattery will get you everywhere”. I’m sure this was a genuine compliment. The necklace was nice. I couldn’t help but check it out. The employee, however, might have been looking for a genuine compliment to share.  By complementing the customer the employee laid down the foundation to establish a connection and establish trust. (Quick aside: I was a little jealous when I stepped up to make my purchase and just received a friendly hello. No compliment. I’ll get over it)


Small Talk and Building Rapport 

The two women made small talk which built on the good feelings the customer was forming for the employee. The woman behind the counter then made a recommendation for the customer to buy another product. Had the employee not complemented the customer on her necklace; the customer might have been less likely to go for the upgrade; for the additional product.


It might have felt too salesy If the employee just said hello and just lunged into the pitch for the upgrade. Perhaps the customer would have thought the employee was motivated by an employee incentive to upsell.


Building Trust When Selling

But most likely, because they made a friendly connection, a foundation of trust was established. We’re all more likely to take a recommendation from those we trust.


Jay Abraham once said that the best time to try to upsell your customer is during the time of purchase. All kinds of emotions are swirling about in a consumer’s mind as they fantasize about how this new purchase is going to impact their life.


The  Moment of Purchase Only Happens Once

At the time of purchase, a customer dreams about how shiny this new brand of shampoo will make their hair look.  They dream about the weight they’ll lose by switching from Coke to Diet Coke. They dream about how piano lessons for a child will lead to a standing ovation at the school talent show.


The upsell or the upgrade allows the customer to experience more of that feeling of excitement and the hope of a better life.


Having an upsell option at the time of purchase is one of the easiest ways to generate more revenue for your music studio. The upsell really has to bring more benefits to customers. It’s a sham it doesn’t. The  60-minute lesson upgraded from a 30-minute lesson or lessons bundled with band are obvious upgrades to offer. Upgrades for the sake of an upgrade is a hustle. Upgrades for the sake of an elevated experience for your customer is an upgrade that benefits your customer and benefits your business.



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