The Music Studio of The Future | Ep 90

The Future of Music Lessons

In a recent episode of Music Lesson Business Academy, host Danny Thompson and founder of Rock Out Loud Live, Mike Grande discuss how COVID-19 has impacted consumer habits and what the future of music lessons might look like.


What Path is Right for Your Music Studio?

The world has changed, consumers have changed and music studios need to keep pace. We live in a world of uncertainty and that is the only certainty of the moment. Danny Thompson and Mike Grande explore two different paths music studios can take.

  1. In-Person and Virtual lessons
  2. Virtual only

Virtual only? Really? That’s ambitious. One google search will reveal virtual-only is not such a new idea. One google search will reveal that virtual-only is not a crowded space.


How Would You Answer These Questions?

I was intrigued by this conversation so I conducted some surveys on Facebook and in-person.

  1. If you were to start your studio today would you offer a. In-person and virtual. b. In-person only c. virtual only
  2. Which statement best reflects your strategy for marketing virtual lessons. a. market local b. market internationally


An Easy Way to Scale Your Music School

Virtual lessons open up who new world of possibilities of music studio owners. Scalability would no longer mean a second or third building. Scalability would no longer mean increased expenses. When you open a second location, your first location often has to support the second location during the early months…or years. A failed second location can drag the first location down with it.


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