Thanksgiving Email

Thanksgiving Email For Your Music Studio


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Subject: I just wanted to share this thought with you


Dear [parent name]


I love the idea of Thanksgiving. The food and family part is great but the THANKS and the GIVING is where it’s at. 


The holiday has a great name too. It could have been called Day of Thanks or Day of Gratitude. Instead, the holiday takes gratitude and giving and rolls it into one. 


Saying ‘thank you’ is easy but does require a touch of humility. The giving part requires effort and creativity. 


Giving always feels good


It feels good to give kids the gift of music
It feels good to help a child discover their musical self. 

It feels good to watch a child experience success and happiness through music.


Thank you for giving [studio name] a try. I know there are other choices for music lessons. 


Thank you for giving your child the unique experience music provides. 


I hope your child thanks YOU one day for allowing them to discover the thrill of playing music. 


Happy Thanksgiving


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