Eric Bourassa - Fort Worth Music Academy

It's allowed us to tap into a market that we previously didn't have access to.  I couldn't believe how well it worked right out of the box on day 1.  Pretty easy program to follow and implement. All of the marketing tools are there.  We're getting about an extra $1,200 a month in revenue...I'm looking forward to getting it to where we're making about $3,000 a month from the program. What I like most about the program is the ease of implementation and training and the amount of resources Dave has in regards to marketing. Fort Worth Music Academy Fort Worth, TX

John Kozicki - Michigan Rock School

What I love about offering Kidzrock at our studio is that we're able to have a solid offering for kids in this age group that otherwise was pretty hit or miss when we were putting them in private lessons. Kids generally stick around longer when they're in Kidzrock. It's allowed us to bring in an additional $2,000 a month. We currently have a waiting list since all of our classes are full. Michigan Rock School Detroit, MI

Kristen Humbard - Oconee Music

We've seen our profits grow by at least $1,200 monthly once you take out the cost of the licensing fee which is nothing compared to the value of the program. It's (the program) is so plug-in-play. I come from a classical background so I was concerned about implementing a rock program...Dave's training materials are top-notch. It only took a few hours for my instructor to go through the training. It's been an awesome boost for our studio and Dave's support is amazing. I would highly recommend getting on  board today. Oconee Music Athens, GA

Danny Thompson - The Music Factory

What really prompted me to add Kidzrock was the ability to add a new market...We really didn't have an offering for young kids. We currently have 30-35 students on average doing Kidzrock. We're getting 3-5 inquires a week. Dave's done a great job helping me with marketing. The key to the program is sticking word for word to the curriculum and the way it’s laid out.  My vision is to get up to 75 kids in the program. It’s a nice addition to your regular lesson business at a really nice margin.  The Music Factory, Orange County CA