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The Number One Threat To Your Music School

Blog Entry - November 13, 2018

Failure to Adapt In 2011 Borders went belly up. Barnes and Noble survived. I was in shock. How could this happen? Borders was to books what Starbucks was (and is) to coffee.  They were indestructible. If it could happen to Borders it seemed like it could happen to anyone. Maybe it could happen to me … Continue reading “The Number One Threat To Your Music School”

your website is a billboard

Blog Entry - October 14, 2018

Your Personal Billboard How long does a highway driver have to look at a billboard? 2-3 seconds? How long do you have to convey your message on your website as digital traffic speeds by? The basic design principles of billboards apply to websites.  Simple, clear and direct. All in a split second.   Clear and Compelling … Continue reading “your website is a billboard”

How to Compete Against a Music Franchise

Blog Entry - October 1, 2018

Do you have a School of Rock or Bach to Rock in your market? Perhaps your local Guitar Center or Sam Ash is now offering music lessons. Music education franchises are a relatively new and on the move phenomenon. The mom-and-pop music-shop can’t rely on homegrown charm and hometown loyalty.  You have to learn how … Continue reading “How to Compete Against a Music Franchise”

What Signals Does Your Studio Send?

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Static Free An exotic rainforest frog displays its bright colors in plain view. It’s a strategy for survival. A SIGNAL to its preditors that its flesh contains a deadly poison. Others camouflage.   A gazelle frantically bounces in place. A SIGNAL to the predator of its good health and speed. A signal that a chase … Continue reading “What Signals Does Your Studio Send?”

Language That Leads to Sales

Blog Entry - July 18, 2018

I make it a point to express HOPE and PURPOSE when talking to a parent of a prospective student.  The HOPE I express is my hope for how their child will benefit from my music lessons.  The PURPOSE I express is the goal or function of my programs.  HOPE builds trust.  PURPOSE implies expertise.   You’re in … Continue reading “Language That Leads to Sales”