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What Signals Does Your Studio Send?

Blog Entry - October 1, 2018

Static Free An exotic rainforest frog displays its bright colors in plain view. It’s a strategy for survival. A SIGNAL to its preditors that its flesh contains a deadly poison. Others camouflage.   A gazelle frantically bounces in place. A SIGNAL to the predator of its good health and speed. A signal that a chase … Continue reading “What Signals Does Your Studio Send?”

How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp

Blog Entry - October 23, 2017

Winter Break and Black Friday camps are a great way to generate some year-end revenue. Camp is an appealing offer to prospective students since they only have to commit for a few days as opposed a month or semester.  The content below is from the Kidzrock Operations Manual. It maps out how to operate a … Continue reading “How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp”