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How I Made $50K In Summer Camp: Part I

Blog Entry - April 2, 2018

Summer Camp and Student Retention The summer months are often a make or break time for music studios.  Student dropout rates can skyrocket as kids set sail to sleep away camp and family vacation.  I’ve tried every strategy in the book to keep my school at capacity in the summer. There seems to be no escape … Continue reading “How I Made $50K In Summer Camp: Part I”

Turning Prospects Into Customers

Blog Entry - February 23, 2018

To enroll or not to enroll? It’s an emotional decision full of hopes and fear for the parent of a prospective student.  A parent hopes that their child will love playing music but often fear that they will hate music lessons and want to quit. This fear often originates from the parent’s memory of not … Continue reading “Turning Prospects Into Customers”

Exit Interview For Music Students

Blog Entry - October 16, 2017

A Short Exit Interview For Your Music Students Saying farewell to students can be difficult.  It’s a setback for your business but it’s also an opportunity for growth. Not growth in numbers but growth in better understanding your business.  Below is an email I send out to departing students at my music school.   It … Continue reading “Exit Interview For Music Students”

30-Minute Music Lessons vs 60-Minute Music Lessons

Blog Entry - September 25, 2017

Increase Profits With 60-Minute Music Lessons Most music studios offer either 30 minute or hour long lessons. These two lesson types each make for a completely different experience.  Younger children with shorter attention spans are better suited for 30-minute lessons.  Older children tend to be better at focusing,  listening and sticking to a single task … Continue reading “30-Minute Music Lessons vs 60-Minute Music Lessons”

Kidzrock Concert Tips

Blog Entry - April 21, 2017

Joe Chila and his staff at Rochester School of Music (Rochester, MI) are doing a great job with their Kidzrock concerts. A few points worth noting in this performance. Band Set Up Note how the instructors are behind the band and in the wings with dark lighting. This keeps the attention focused on the students … Continue reading “Kidzrock Concert Tips”