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How To Bounce Back From Failure with Chris Bates | Episode 31

Podcast Episode - July 18, 2019

Fail Up No one likes the experience of failure, it hurts, it hurts bad.  Failure often makes us feel like, well, a failure and nobody wants that, but behind every success story is a string of multiple failures. Usually the greater the success, the more seemingly devastating the failures that led up to that success … Continue reading “How To Bounce Back From Failure with Chris Bates | Episode 31”

Teaching Music To Kids With Special Needs With Matt Maher | Episode 25

Podcast Episode - June 13, 2019

Music, Autism and Special Needs I’ll never forget the first time a mom gave me the heads up that her son had autism prior to his first guitar lessons. My only reference to this condition was from Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. The boy was 13 and his name was Spencer.  I was a little nervous … Continue reading “Teaching Music To Kids With Special Needs With Matt Maher | Episode 25”

Why People Really Take Music Lessons

Blog Entry - October 18, 2018

People Don’t Buy Stuff Marketing has become less about the product and more about the consumer. YouTube is all about YOU.  Apple’s “I” products say it all.  It’s all about YOU-it’s not about ME and my product.  It’s all about adding value to your life. Today’s consumer not only wants value, but they also want … Continue reading “Why People Really Take Music Lessons”

A Student Lost Is Not Always A Loss

Blog Entry - October 24, 2017

A Lost Student Creates New Opportunities When a student drops out of your music studio it’s an opportunity to make a final positive impression.  I wanted to share two stories that happened to me recently that are making me think about how to handle departing students. The takeaway is understanding the importance of making customers … Continue reading “A Student Lost Is Not Always A Loss”

Recitals Are a Marketing Opportunity

Blog Entry - October 17, 2017

Below is an email I sent out to my studio after a successful concert featuring 9 Kidzrock bands. (Over 40 students!) The day after a show is the perfect time to get referrals in motion. Both parents and students emotions are elevated after a concert or recital. There is a post-recital buzz that lingers in a studio for … Continue reading “Recitals Are a Marketing Opportunity”