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The Perfect Plan For Your Music Studio this Fall with Brett Thomason | Ep 96

Podcast Episode - August 21, 2020

Martial Arts studio owner, Brett Thomason, announced a new program for his students this fall. A program that could easily be implemented by a music school. Days later he was on the cover of the St. Louis Post Dispatch for his new idea. The next day  Fox 2 news knocked on his door to do … Continue reading “The Perfect Plan For Your Music Studio this Fall with Brett Thomason | Ep 96”

The Practice Problem: Part I

Blog Entry - February 22, 2018

The Practice Problem I conducted a survey asking parents three questions pertaining to their attitudes and expectations of music lessons in relation to other enrichment activities (i.e. team sports, karate, and dance). What I learned is that parents judge their child’s success in music with different criteria than all other enrichment activities. What I learned … Continue reading “The Practice Problem: Part I”

What Promise Does Your Studio Make

Blog Entry - January 3, 2018

How is your music studio unique? What promise does your school make? What will a child gain by learning at your studio? These are all questions you must answer in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is the guarantee you make to your customers. It is expressed and summarized in your slogan or tagline. … Continue reading “What Promise Does Your Studio Make”

A Student Lost Is Not Always A Loss

Blog Entry - October 24, 2017

A Lost Student Creates New Opportunities When a student drops out of your music studio it’s an opportunity to make a final positive impression.  I wanted to share two stories that happened to me recently that are making me think about how to handle departing students. The takeaway is understanding the importance of making customers … Continue reading “A Student Lost Is Not Always A Loss”

How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp

Blog Entry - October 23, 2017

Winter Break and Black Friday camps are a great way to generate some year-end revenue. Camp is an appealing offer to prospective students since they only have to commit for a few days as opposed a month or semester.  The content below is from the Kidzrock Operations Manual. It maps out how to operate a … Continue reading “How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp”