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How To Run Group Music Classes and Grow Your Music School with Daniel Patterson | Ep 47

Podcast Episode - October 24, 2019

Grow Your Music School With Group Programs This episode is my second interview of six interviews that I conducted with music education industry thought leaders.  Today on the show, I sit down with Daniel Patterson of Grow Your Music Studio to talk about his group piano teaching program.   For those of you studios that … Continue reading “How To Run Group Music Classes and Grow Your Music School with Daniel Patterson | Ep 47”

The Number One Threat To Your Music School

Blog Entry - November 13, 2018

Failure to Adapt In 2011 Borders went belly up. Barnes and Noble survived. I was in shock. How could this happen? Borders was to books what Starbucks was (and is) to coffee.  They were indestructible. If it could happen to Borders it seemed like it could happen to anyone. Maybe it could happen to me … Continue reading “The Number One Threat To Your Music School”

your website is a billboard

Blog Entry - October 14, 2018

Your Personal Billboard How long does a highway driver have to look at a billboard? 2-3 seconds? How long do you have to convey your message on your website as digital traffic speeds by? The basic design principles of billboards apply to websites.  Simple, clear and direct. All in a split second.   Clear and Compelling … Continue reading “your website is a billboard”

The Number One Sales Tool

Blog Entry - April 30, 2018

  All statements you make during a sales call either pushes a prospective customer away or draws them in. I started a music school in 2003 because I enjoyed teaching music.  I only had one problem.  I didn’t have any students.  I made a flyer with phone number tags and hung it in a coffee … Continue reading “The Number One Sales Tool”

How I Made $50K In Summer Camp: Part I

Blog Entry - April 2, 2018

Summer Camp and Student Retention The summer months are often a make or break time for music studios.  Student dropout rates can skyrocket as kids set sail to sleep away camp and family vacation.  I’ve tried every strategy in the book to keep my school at capacity in the summer. There seems to be no escape … Continue reading “How I Made $50K In Summer Camp: Part I”