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Why Your Music Studio Might Need an Oil Change | Ep 51

Podcast Episode - November 11, 2019

Next time you’re a customer take note of your experience or lack of one.  In this week of the Monday morning marketing minute, I share a customer experience that can easily be applied to your music studio.

How To Run Group Music Classes and Grow Your Music School with Daniel Patterson | Ep 47

Podcast Episode - October 24, 2019

Grow Your Music School With Group Programs This episode is my second interview of six interviews that I conducted with music education industry thought leaders.  Today on the show, I sit down with Daniel Patterson of Grow Your Music Studio to talk about his group piano teaching program.   For those of you studios that … Continue reading “How To Run Group Music Classes and Grow Your Music School with Daniel Patterson | Ep 47”

How to Compete Against a Music Franchise

Blog Entry - October 1, 2018

Do you have a School of Rock or Bach to Rock in your market? Perhaps your local Guitar Center or Sam Ash is now offering music lessons. Music education franchises are a relatively new and on the move phenomenon. The mom-and-pop music-shop can’t rely on homegrown charm and hometown loyalty.  You have to learn how … Continue reading “How to Compete Against a Music Franchise”

How a Little Goes a Long Way

Blog Entry - September 6, 2018

A Moment Tonight I made a fire in my little Home Depot fire pit that’s been rusting away since I bought it 3 years ago. Tonight I was a hero.  My kids sang my praises as they sat around transfixed by the flames. “We should do this more often,” said my pimpled and pouty 14-year-old. … Continue reading “How a Little Goes a Long Way”

Can You Answer These 3 Questions?

Blog Entry - July 23, 2018

WHAT do you do?  HOW do you do it?  WHY do you do it?  Business expert, Simon Sinek says you must be able to answer these 3 seemingly simple questions to achieve clarity, purpose and ultimately greatness.  At first glance, the answers seem obvious.  Finding your WHY is the true challenge. It’s often the missing piece … Continue reading “Can You Answer These 3 Questions?”