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How to Amaze Your Customers | Episode 13

Blog Entry - April 4, 2019

The New Battlefield of Music Lessons Congratulations! You made the sale. You’re one more student closer to your monthly sales goal.  Mission accomplished! Right? Wrong! The mission has just begun. The mission is to amaze your new customer. To go beyond the expectation. To make them feel valued, important and celebrated.  This is the new … Continue reading “How to Amaze Your Customers | Episode 13”

Marketing Fundementals For Music Schools | Episode 1

Podcast Episode - January 25, 2019

  Music Lessons and Marketing   This is the first episode, the maiden voyage the opening pitch. So why does the world need another podcast? Why does the world need more opinions more so-called “experts-more noise?   Because this podcast is different. It was created for people like YOU! People who are looking to grow … Continue reading “Marketing Fundementals For Music Schools | Episode 1”

Best Music and Marketing Quotes 2018

Blog Entry - December 26, 2018

Looking for Value? Looking for value? Looking for new ideas? Looking for a fresh approach to your business. Our best of 2018 blogs should provide you with the answers and inspiration you’re looking for.   Improve Your Website Do you have a picture of a piano keyboard or guitar neck as the main image on … Continue reading “Best Music and Marketing Quotes 2018”

Does Your Music Studio Have a Mentor?

Blog Entry - December 19, 2018

Your Music Teaching Business Needs Guide Get a mentor, be a mentor. Gain perspective, give perspective. A guide to help guide you through the growth of your music studio will provide insights and provide quick fixes to problems when you’re stuck. You’re stuck because you are emotionally invested. Your mentor is not.   Why You … Continue reading “Does Your Music Studio Have a Mentor?”

How Headlines and Email Subjects Can Improve Your Marketing

Blog Entry - December 3, 2018

How Headlines and Email Subjects Enhance The User Experience Your HEADLINE is like an audition for your ad or email. When someone is scrolling through their inbox or news feed, the decision to stop and read your message is made in 1 or 2 seconds-or LESS!   More reason to make your headline count. You … Continue reading “How Headlines and Email Subjects Can Improve Your Marketing”