Improve Student Retention: Daniel Patterson

June 12, 2017

Keep More Students In Your Studio Longer

We all focus on getting new piano students. We obsess over attracting new guitar students.   But are you neglecting your current students?


The real secret to growing your music studio isn’t in the amount of new students you obtain. The secret is in keeping the students you already have


In this video I sit down with music school business coach Daniel Patterson from Grow Your Music Studio to discuss teaching students to be good lesson takers.

Good lesson takers? Is that a thing. Sure it is. This is accomplished by building a bridge between the home and lesson experience. In other words, bring the home into the lesson and the lesson into the home.


Music Lessons and Independence

Daniel’s methodology creates a parallel and fluid learning environment. The only difference is that in one setting the student is supported by a mentor, and in the other, the student is on their own.


The instructor not only teaches music but the instructor teaches the student independence. As Daniel states “I won’t give them the answers. I teach them how to find the answers themselves.” Daniel also shares a thought-provoking idea about what music teachers can learn from Apple and the iPhone. It’s a great lesson he brings down. You’ll have to listen to find out!


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