How to Get More Music Students With Phone Sales

sell music lessons by phone

Get More Students With Phone Sales

The telephone is the most effective sales tool in your marketing and sales arsenal. The telephone allows you to meet face to face with prospective customers. It allows you to discover a person’s hopes and dreams when it comes to music lessons and personalizing your sales pitch.


Bring Your Marketing to Life

All other forms of marketing are one-way conversations. With Facebook, you broadcast your message and you hope the right people receive it. The telephone turns marketing into a 2-way conversation. (I guess all conversations are a 2-way ☺️) The telephone brings your marketing to life. It allows you to try new messages out and see what lands and what flops.


Each prospective customer also provides a small window into how your market segment thinks. Each prospective customer is voicing not only their own hopes, dreams, and fears, but the desires of other parents. The key to all successful sales and marketing is better understanding your customer. The telephone is a great opportunity to better understand what motivates your customers.


A Sample Sales Pitch

Below is an outline I use for my phone sales effort.  The product being sold here is Kidzrock but you can apply this simple format and strategy to any program in your studio.  Watch the video below the bottom as you read the outline.



Outline of a Music Lesson Sales Pitch

  1. Gather information
  2. Elevator pitch
  3. Reveal Need
  4. Pitch
  5. Close


Gather Information

  • Parents name
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s age

* Name Frequency: People like to hear their name.

Refer to the child by name throughout the call
Refer to parent by name at the end of the call


Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a statement that clearly explains what your business offers and how it will improve your customers’ life by solving a problem they have.  Your elevator Pitch should…


  1.  Define a problem or desire your customer has
  2.  State how your service will resolve or fix this problem or desire
  3.  Paint a picture of what your customer life will look like after they engage with your service.


The objective of your elevator pitch is to build intrigue. A successful elevator pitch leaves the prospective customer wanting to hear more. Author, Donald Miller refers to an elevator pitch as a “one-liner.” Watch this video to learn more about how to create your own elevator pitch.


Elevator Pitch Outline

Problem: Identify your customer’s problem
Solution: How does your product resolve the problem
Ending: The happy ending to their story


Elevator Pitch Example 

  1. (problem) Our school is based on the idea that all kids love music but not all kids love lessons.
  2. (Solution) We offer rock band classes that make playing an instrument fun and easy…
  3. (Picture of the future)…which really helps kids feel confident about themselves and their abilities.


Reveal Need

Identify your customers’ desires and how you can help them.

What inspired you to seek out music lessons for your child?

  • An invitation to talk
  • Same as a doctor asking “so what seems to be the problem?”
  • Parents love to talk about their kids
  • Implies you are customer-based. Not product-based.
  • Helps you better understand customers perspective; hopes  and fears
  • Obtain information to better tailor your pitch


The Pitch

Example 1

Problem: This age group not ready for lessons but have musical abilities
Solution: Make music fun and easy so kids feel good
Ending: Fall in love with music and discover their instrument

Example 2

Problem: Younger children lack the fine motor skills required to succeed on an instrument
Solution: maximizes/minimizes kids strengths/weakness.   (Fine motor skills vs gross motor skills
Ending: Child experiences success on an instrument

Example 3

Problem: This age group lacks the patience required to master an instrument. They want instant results
Solution: Kidzrock is designed to allow kids to play as a band in one rehearsal
Ending: Child is able to build on their success and excited to face the challenges of private lessons

Example 4

Problem: Risk picking the wrong instrument for child.  Child wants to quit.
Solution: Kidzrock allows child to find his/her instrument
Ending: sense of accomplishment



  • “Our schedule is filling up quickly and I want to make sure You get a time that works best for you”


  • “We have openings on (list 2-3 options). Do any (or either) of these times work better for you”


  • This question makes a subtle assumption that the customer is ready to sign up. If they are unable to commit in the moment respond with…


  • “How about I reach out to you on (48 hours later) to discuss?”

Follow up with a short email reviewing the call and your plans to follow up.


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