Undercover spy in a music school

Don’t Do This

I went undercover. Walked into a music school while on vacation. My daughter at my side. I looked like a real parent ready to buy.

I love hearing other music studios pitch their program. The woman at the front desk greeted me with a warm smile-stood up from her seat to shake my hand. The decor, the brochure, the big screen TV all looked slick. Her sales pitch, however, was a classic example of what NOT to do.

Her pitch was all about her-not about me. A common no-no in sales. I found it hard to pay attention. Everyone pays attention when the topic is YOU. Below is an outline of her pitch.


Pitch Outline

  1. “We have two locations”
  2. Brief school history
  3. Program options
  4. Hours
  5. Declaration of quality

Prospective customers don’t care about your studios’ history, class options or hours.

CUSTOMERS care about that stuff. Prospects care about one thing…


How are you going to make my life better?


“We believe that music has the ability to change a child’s life” Go ahead-Now I’m listening.


“Our hope for all of our students is that they fall in love with playing music and feel that they’re good at it” I want that for my child-Now I’m really listening!


Lead With Need

Appeal to your customers’ dreams, hopes, and desires.
Save the details for later. Save it for when they’re ready to convert-when they’re ready to be a customer!


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