Buying Vs Renting Your Studios Building | Ep 157

To Rent or To Buy 

Today, my guest on the show is Nick Tucker, the owner of Spark School of Music is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nick actually owns his building, the building where he hosts his music school. I never even explored that option.


I initially began running my music school out of the basement of a music store. I transitioned from that basement into my actual music school where I resided for 16 years. But I, I always rented.  I assumed it was just easier to rent. I assumed that I would need a lot of money to put down to buy a building.


I enjoyed the convenience of just calling my landlord when I had a problem with my building. He was a good landlord. It was one less thing to worry about. In today’s show, Nick shares with me the upside and the benefits of owning your building.

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