How to Rebuild Your Music School After COVID With Danny Thompson Part I | Ep 119

Rebuild Your Music School After COVID

The biggest lesson I learned during COVID is the importance of having multiple revenue streams. We were all blindsided when COVID hit in March of 2020. We all scrambled. We all limped our way to Zoom or to Rock Out Loud Live.


Music Lessons and Consumer Habits

Not only did we, as business owners, make that adjustment, but consumers made the adjustment as well in terms of their behavior and their comfort level with technology and online communication. Most likely, if you own a music school, you have a certain level of comfort with technology because it’s clearly a part of your day-to-day. But there are plenty of people out there that prior to COVID; their only interaction with technology was their smartphone, email, surfing the web, social media-maybe they did some online shopping. They also did a lot of brick-and-mortar shopping.


Music Lessons Online

Well, that’s certainly changed. Everything went online, initially in terms of retail. And everybody, even grandma and grandpa became comfortable with communicating over Zoom. So in terms of our culture, sophistication and comfort with technology, what maybe would have taken another three or five years happened within months. I’m curious to see how music schools, once COVID gets even more under control, once more people are vaccinated and businesses are fully reopening, and look, and that’s certainly already happening, but it’s going to be interesting to look at how consumer habits are forever changed from this and how music schools can make most of this cultural evolution.


The Future of Music Lessons

Will music schools maintain a virtual component of their music school? Will they continue to expand their marketing beyond a 5 or 10-mile radius? Will they try to market to other cities, to other states, other countries? Perhaps some music schools will start creating online courses for music lessons, maybe more targeted towards adults. We might not experience another type of COVID fiasco, but we’ve all learned the importance of having multiple streams of revenue. Hopefully, your school’s going to reopen, and you’re going to hit those pre-COVID numbers in terms of your in-person school. But there’s no reason why you can’t have an additional stream of revenue from these virtual lessons, from online piano and guitar, bass guitar, and drum courses. Something to think about as you begin to reopen your doors and welcome the world back into your studio.

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