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Rock Band Program for Ages 4-7

Grow Your Music School With Kidzrock

Do ever get phone calls from parents who want music lessons for their 4 or 5-year-old? We all know what can happen when you place young children, with small developing hands, and short attention spans into private lessons. Not only do these students often quit after a few months but many of them are likely never to return to playing an instrument.

Kidzrock teaches children ages 4-7 how to play the guitar, keyboards, and drums in a real performing band. By using modified instruments and creative teaching techniques, the program allows a whole new age group access to music performance

"Kidzrock is our fastest-growing program. There’s no competition in this age group. The program itself gave us $12,000 a month in additional income.”
Darren Siman: The Jam Zone
“I really love that this program is plug-and-play. I come from a classical background, I was worried about implementing a rock program. I’ve taught a couple of classes myself.”
Kristen Humbard: Oconee Music
"What I love about offering Kidzrock at our studio is that we're able to have a solid offering for kids in this age group that otherwise was pretty hit or miss when we were putting them in private lessons."
John Kozicki - Michigan Rock School


Increase Your Profits

In Kidzrock, children take turns on guitar, drums, and keyboards which allows them to discover and form a connection with the instrument they most enjoy. Here’s the kicker. There’s no fussing or fighting at home about practice. There is no practice expectation in Kidzrock. It’s all about the kids learning in the band.   Music schools from around the world have seen up to a 30% increase in sales from Kidzrock alone.  

A Turnkey Program That's Easy to Implement

This turnkey program not only comes with an in-depth curriculum but also includes a robust marketing suite that you can apply to both Kidzrock and your entire studio. Launching the program is easy to do and won’t demand too much of your time. Kidzrock can be delegated to your staff to implement so you can remain focused on growing your music school.  

Kidzrock is a...

✅ tested and proven method
✅ affordable and easy-to-implement program
✅ unique experience to an underserved age group
✅ way to gain a competitive edge