Jr. Rockerz Licensing

Rock Band Programs for Ages 7-11

A Group Program For Ages 7-11

When kids dream of playing music they dream of being on stage, playing to a cheering crowd.  Music lessons, especially in the first few months,  can feel miles away from that dream. Jr. Rockez allows kids, ages 7-11, to experience the thrill of playing in a rock band without ever taking a single music lesson.


Jr. Rockerz is the big kid version of Kidzrock (ages 4-7). The program is made up of rock instrumentals written specifically for young students. Each song contains sheet music for both the complete beginner and intermediate level students. Jr. Rockerz allows a music school to start students out in this band program and then transition or add one private lessons later.

It's allowed us to tap into a market that we previously didn't have access to. I couldn't believe how well it worked right out of the box on day 1. Pretty easy program to follow and implement. All of the marketing tools are there. We're getting about an extra $1,200 a month in revenue...I'm looking forward to getting it to where we're making about $3,000 a month from the program. What I like most about the program is the ease of implementation and training and the amount of resources Dave has in regards to marketing.
Eric Bourassa - Fort Worth Music Academy

  Kids sign up to learn how to play guitar, drums, keyboards, or bass as they work together as a band. Jr. Rockerz elevates the music lesson experience turning it into a fun and social group activity.  

An Easy Way To Grow Your Music School

This easy-to-implement turnkey program has allowed music schools from around the world to grow their businesses by as much as 30%.   If you'd like to increase your profit margins and have more students staying in your school for longer, Jr. Rockerz might be the perfect fit for your music school.