Top 10 Podcasts For Growing Your Music Teaching Business | Episode 32

10 Podcasts for Music Studio Owners

Everyone loves a good list; even if they claim they don’t.  I started an extensive internet search for the best podcasts for growing a music teaching business. There are only 2 or 3 podcasts devoted to music studio marketing and growth but business is business. Most businesses are like cars. They look very different on the outside but they all rely on the same mechanics to ignite the engine and set the wheels in motion.


I reached out to the Music Lessons and Marketing Facebook group to ask which podcasts have helped them grow their music teaching business. It was a heating election but the top 10 results are below.


What’s important to note is that none of these podcasts,  except for number 10 have anything to do with the music teaching business. These podcasts focus on general business entrepreneurship and marketing concepts that can be applied to the music teaching business.


It’s important that we all look beyond our own industry for ideas and strategies. Becoming a devoted student of general marketing and business concepts would serve you well-but I get it. You’re busy running your studio. You might not have time to immerse yourself in the study of entrepreneurship. No problem. A daily dose of these podcasts can provide you the knowledge you need to improve your business chops.

10.   Music Lessons and Marketing

No surprise that we’re kicking the list off with the first music school podcast dedicated to marketing, sales and leadership. This weekly podcast goes deep into both external and internal marketing strategies. Host Dave Simon, shares marketing and sales tactics that appeal to prospects emotions and core desires.  This is a must listen if you’re looking to get better results from your marketing efforts.


9. 7-Figure Music School

The 7-Figure Music School podcast is a resource for music school owners aiming to build a scalable music school that is fun and profitable to own. It offers strategies on various aspects such as improving conversions, increasing retention, boosting enrollment, and smart leadership strategies. The podcast is a comprehensive guide for business owners looking to effectively scale their music education business.


8. Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Sui

I submitted this one. It’s a daily 5  to 10-minute podcast. There’s not a lot of philosophical stuff. There’s not a lot of fluff. It’s all just practical and tactical tips and it’s full of value every show. They focus on the nuts and bolts of marketing; SEO is a hot topic as well as best practices for social media.


7. Small Business Big Marketing

This was submitted by Aaron Reefman out of Sydney, Australia. This show is hosted by Timbo Reid also based out of Australia.  I heard about this show from Danny Thompson years ago. It’s actually the very first podcast that I had ever heard. Timbo Reid is this really energetic guy, big personality, really fun to listen to. He picks great guests and asks really good questions. He’s the John Lee Dumas of Australia.


6. The Tim Ferris Show

This was submitted by Alex Hobcraft from Toronto, Ontario. Alex has this to say about the Tim Ferris show.

I mostly get philosophical and intangibles from the Tim Ferris show. I read the Four Hour Work Week, so hearing this podcast and guest seemed like an extension of the book. My favorite guest, Jason Friend, Josh Waitzkin, and Derek Sivers.


5. Entrepreneurs on Fire 

I submitted this one. The show is hosted by John Lee Dumas. It’s a daily, or maybe it’s every other day show. What I really like about the show is that the host always recaps the biggest takeaways from every interview and like Timbo Reid,  he does a great job of picking his guest.


4. Build Your Tribe 

Submitted by Wendy Reznicsek from Oregon City This is a podcast that I also listened to. It’s a mom and son team; Charlene and Brock Johnson. I really like Brock because he’s a little bit like Neil Patel and Eric Sui from Marketing School. He  comes and delivers practical tips on social media. Charlene talks a lot about how to grow your email list and digital marketing strategies.


3.  Marketing Made Easy

This show was submitted by Alex Hobcraft and is hosted by Amy Porterfield. Alex has this to say about the show.

Two episodes I loved we’re the ones with Stu McLaren and Stacy Tuschl. I have also listened to some of the episodes on sales copy. I have started listening to her podcast and while some of it is kind of infomercial-ish, there’s always some value takeaways.


2. Entrepreneurship Elevated

This was submitted by Eric Bourassa out of Fort Worth, Texas. The show is hosted by Mike Michalowicz the author of business classics Profit First and Clockwork.


He starts off every show saying that his mission is to eradicate entrepreneurship, poverty. It’s kind of an unusual statement. How can that be? We can all relate to that. If you are a business owner I am sure that there has been a stage somewhere along the path where you are struggling just to make ends meet. There are perhaps times where you’ve realized that you could make so much more money just working for somebody else or are getting a nine to five job. But you love music, you’re passionate about it, you’re passionate about education.


There is a pathway out and Mike Michalowicz is committed to helping to show you the way out


 1. Building a StoryBrand

Submitted by Brad Litton. Hosted by Donald Miller of course. Here’s what Brad has to say about the podcast.


Building a StoryBrand. This podcast is great for me because it doesn’t just talk about marketing or the StoryBrand framework, but also goes into personal development and leadership stuff. As with entree leadership, I’ve got a pile of books from listening to this podcast and love staying up on the newest business and and personal development books. Thanks to the interviews on the StoryBrand podcast.


Did we miss anything? Submit your favorite podcast in the comments below.

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