Marketing Fundementals For Music Schools | Episode 1


Music Lessons and Marketing


This is the first episode, the maiden voyage the opening pitch. So why does the world need another podcast? Why does the world need more opinions more so-called “experts-more noise?


Because this podcast is different. It was created for people like YOU!

  • People who are looking to grow their music lessons business.
  • People who want to do better and be more helpful.
  • People who are committed to helping more kids learn how to play music.


The Secret To Music Lesson’s Success 

The secret is to take your musician hat off and put your marketing hat on. Marketing isn’t about advertising, it isn’t about Facebook or SEO. Marketing is about creating a message for a specific person. A mom.


The secret to music lessons success is to take your musician hat off and put your marketing hat on.


A mom looking for an opportunity for her child to experience success. Not school success-a different kind. A more personal success. Accomplishment, pride, victory-self confidence.  Mom’s want their children to happy and to believe in themselves.


What Do Mom’s Really Want?

Mom’s believe in the emotional and intellectual gifts music provides. You have what they’re looking for. You need to construct the words that will speak directly to their needs. They’ll hear you if you get the words right. That’s marketing.


You need to know how to talk to those moms. How to be empathetic, build trust and display expertise. That’s marketing.


You need to nurture that relationship by staying connect to your customers and showing them how you’ve transformed their child’s life. That’s marketing.


This podcast will help you be a better marketer. That’s your new job title. Your business depends on it.


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