Piano Jam

A Performing Group Piano Class (Ages 7-18)

Piano Jam is a group piano class that allows kids to perform as an all keyboard rock band. Kids are taught the practical music skills needed to play pop/rock songs from a chord chart and improvise in a jam session. Students are strongly encouraged to practice but it’s fine if they don’t; they can still be in the class…I mean the band. Each song contains 4 separate piano parts to accommodate both the complete beginner and the more advanced student. Children who practice will simply play more advanced parts.

Is Piano Jam Right For You?

Piano Jam is ideal for music studios that want to offer a fun group class that gets kids excited about playing the piano. If you have the chops to play Bach but not so much rock-don’t sweat it-we’ve got you covered. The programs’ training materials will guide you through the whole teaching and implementation process. If you can knock out a Beethoven sonata you’ll easily adapt to the world of chord charts and improvisation.


How It Works

Piano Jam combines both traditional and jazz teaching methods. The curriculum is comprised of songs written especially for the program. The music notation uses both standard notation and rhythmic notation. Each song contains a section for improvisation. The program includes play-along backing tracks for the classroom and the concert. Piano Jam includes sheet music for drums, bass, and guitar if you prefer live accompaniment.


Limited Time Beta Version Offer

Piano Rock will be priced at $220 a month starting in 2020.

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Piano Rock will be ready to ship by Jan 10, 2020


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Piano Rock