Group Piano to Grow Your Teaching Business


Parents often view group piano classes as being of lower value than private lessons. Piano Jam is a group curriculum that music schools license and that parents and kids actually prefer over lessons. The program teaches kids how to play the piano in a performing all-keyboard ensemble.

Children learn the skills they need to play their favorite songs, read from a lead sheet, and improvise in a jam session. Each Piano Jam song contains four different skill levels, which motivates kids to practice so they can level up and play more exciting piano parts.


My Daughter Loves Piano Jam

“My daughter loved her first Piano Jam class. She was hoping the class would meet every day. She was disappointed to learn she’d have to wait a whole week to play with her bandmates again” 

~Alysson Goldstein

She Sounded So Good After Just One Class

” What I like about Piano Jam is I don’t have to ask my daughter to practice. She wants to practice because she’s having fun. “

~ Chagit Ruskin

A Great Way To Engage Kids

“Piano Jam makes playing the piano super accessible to kids. The format really encourages creativity and collaboration and makes everyone feel like they’re in a real band! “

~Nate Terepka (Music Educator)

Keep More Piano Students For Longer

  • Parents prefer private piano lessons to group classes, right? Not at all. Parents care about the personal development and growth they believe piano lessons will provide their children. Parents will choose groups over private lessons if they believe the group can better help them achieve the outcome they desire.


  • Piano Jam is a group curriculum that allows children instant access to the thrill of playing the keyboard in a performing ensemble. Not only does the program teach children how to play the piano, but it provides them with an experience that can’t be replicated in a private lesson. 


  • This experience includes learning about teamwork and leadership. It includes making MTV-style music videos and performing in what looks and feels more like a concert than a recital. These are all attributes and experiences parents value and find appealing.   


  • Piano Jam is a monthly subscription that provides in-depth training for instructors as well as a complete marketing strategy for school owners. We’ll provide you with all of the training, tools and support you need to market and operate the program.


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