Why You Might Be Confusing Costumers


If You Confuse You Lose

Do you have a picture of a piano keyboard or guitar neck as the main image on your music teaching website? What are you selling-music lessons or instruments? As messaging master Donald Miller says, If you confuse you lose.



Parents don’t get excited when they see a close up of a piano keyboard. I do-I play the piano. ┬áParents get excited when they see a picture of a happy kid playing the piano! It paints a picture of the outcome they desire. It allows them to imagine their child engaged with your product. Look how happy Johnny looks.



Happiness for their child is what they desire. It’s WHAT they’re shopping for. They aren’t looking to buy a Steinway. They are hoping music lessons will allow their child to discover his/her’s potential. Music lessons are the vehicle to take them there. Would use a photo of an airplane to promote tourism in Paris? Show the Eiffel Tower!


ps. I wasn’t talking about your website ­čśë

pps. Stay away from those stock photos! Make it real.

(I’m still not talking about you)


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