A Unique Perspective on Music Schools with Jake St. John | EP 177

If you’re a lover of music, I think you’re going to enjoy my conversation today with my guest Jake St. John the Head of Operations at Ensemble Music Schools. Jake shares some great insights on music and the importance it plays not just in children’s lives but the impact music has on humanity as a whole.


Some of Jake’s comments served as an excellent reminder to myself as to the reason why I’m in the business of music education in the first place. I enjoy working in an industry that I’m passionate about, but what I value more is the impact we all make by empowering people to learn how to play an instrument. Listening to music is an amazing feeling, but we all know that playing music is a completely different and rewarding experience.


I think it can be helpful for all of us to occasionally step back and remind ourselves what this music school stuff is all about and how we help people and how all of us, in our own way, make the world a better place.


I don’t have to tell you about the stress of owning and operating a school. The stress is so much more meaningful the more you can remind yourself how you impact children’s lives. Have you ever had a student reach out to you years after leaving your school to thank you? That’s what it’s all about.


As I mentioned, Jake works for Ensemble Music School, an organization that purchases music schools. I too have recently joined the Ensemble team working in their marketing and sales department. I do, at some point, want to devote an episode to sharing with you what I’ve learned about leadership, teamwork, marketing, and myself by being a part of Ensemble.


I think you’ll enjoy Jake’s insights on music schools in this interview. He pops open the hood of each school in the Ensemble network to see how they run, which gives him a unique perspective.


I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be hosting a free training sponsored by Ensemble called Teach Your Music School to Run Without You on Aug 11 at 1:30 pm Eastern time. In this training, I’ll teach you how to create an operations manual for your music school without spending countless hours writing out every process, procedure, and policy. I will share an easy method for capturing and documenting the many moving parts in your music school. Visit welovemusicschools.com to save your seat today.

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