Reimagining Music Lessons with Nate Shaw | EP 233

A Fresh Approach to Music Lessons

Years ago, I went to a conference, and a thought leader in the dance studio space spoke. The audience was really nothing but dance school owners, and a friend invited me. She thought it would be beneficial for me to attend, and she was right. This one woman got up and spoke about the importance of dance studios incorporating hip-hop into their curriculum or offerings. Her point was that hip-hop allowed kids to experience dance in a way that is fun, easy, and relevant. It was something any kid could do. Through hip-hop, the more ambitious and motivated dancers would move on to tap, jazz, and ballet.


Not every kid was going to make that move, but nonetheless, her point was that hip-hop made dance more accessible to more kids. This was a win for the kids and their parents because the kids were able to experience the benefits of dance. It was also a win for the dance studio owners because it increased their profits and created a lower barrier to entry. I thought a lot about how I could apply that to my music school.


Embracing New Ideas in Education

The real takeaway for me was the importance of being open to new ideas and trying to make an artistic discipline or tradition more accessible to more kids. My guest today has a really creative approach to accomplishing just that.


Introducing Nate Shaw

My guest in this episode is Nate Shaw, co-host of the 7-Figure Music School podcast, co-founder of the Brooklyn Music Factory and the creator of Big Music GamesNate shares with me how he’s  built his entire music school around gamified learning, and he has a unique business model.


Revolutionizing Music Education

Kids listen to pop music, and the skills required to play pop music aren’t necessarily the skills you’ll find in a Hal Leonard Method Book. I encourage you to check out Nate’s website, There, you can look at some of the games he makes accessible to music instructors. In our conversation today, he’ll tell you more about Big Music Games and share how he’s built an entire music school around gamified learning.

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