A Story of Music Studio Success | Episode 14

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Everyone loves a good story. We fall for it every time. We stop everything the moment our brain suspects a story is in play. We can’t resist the drama, the journey, the final outcome.


By incorporating storytelling into your music studios marketing, you can increase curiosity, engagement, trust, and ultimately sales.


By story I don’t mean “once upon a time stories.” I mean implied stories. A short snippet of words that paints a picture, stirs emotions and reveals desired outcomes.


Most music studios describe their programs in a bullet point fashion.

  • In our lessons we teach this
  • In our lessons we we teach that
  • I’m just listing facts


That’s not a story. A story introduces a character, a journey and a transformation. I did a random internet search for piano lessons.  Below is their sales copy for lessons.


Piano Lessons at Your Studio

We offer friendly, competent lessons with educated teachers who love to teach.  Our piano lessons are catered to you. We personalize each lesson based on your personal goals and expectations of piano lessons.Learn proper technique, reading and ear training, music theory, and sight reading.


This is more of a description of what music lessons are. Theory, technique and playing songs.


Who’s the hero in the story? The music teacher. What’s the journey? There really isn’t one. What transformation occurs? Child learns how to play music.

A Music School with a Story

The following example incorporates story into the description of guitar lessons.

You open a closet door and out spills a world of clutter. You grab a broom or tennis racket and slip into a rock star daydream.  You purse your lips, bob your head and play the air guitar like your own the world.

The guitar represents freedom, independence and confidence. It feels great to play the guitar; especially after dreaming about it for years. Realize your potential. Make your dreams come true and learn how to play the guitar.


Who is the hero in the story? The child

What’s their journey? Go from playing make believe rock star to a real musician

What transformation occurs? Child realizes his/her potential and makes a dream come true.



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