What Signals Does Your Studio Send?

Static Free

An exotic rainforest frog displays its bright colors in plain view. It’s a strategy for survival. A SIGNAL to its preditors that its flesh contains a deadly poison. Others camouflage.


A gazelle frantically bounces in place. A SIGNAL to the predator of its good health and speed. A signal that a chase isn’t worth the effort. Others just flew


In  Danny Thompsons’ October 24 podcast, he discusses the signals that a music studio sends.


Signals ignite reactions. Signals speak to the feelings and perceptions of your customers.


A do-it-yourself website sends a different signal than a professionally designed WordPress site.


The signal a colorful and creative waiting area sends is different from an uninspired lounge.


Even the Rubbermaid trashcan in the bathroom sends a different signal than a polished stainless steel trash can.


Listen to “What Signals Are You Sending”

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