What to do When Your Music School Won’t Grow Part II | EP 153

Is Your Music School Stuck?

The tactics and strategies that you implemented to grow your music school from 0-100 students aren’t necessarily going to get you from 100-200 students.


I started my music school with a flyer in a popular coffee shop. I told everyone I knew with young children about my music school. Within a few months, I had 20 students!


An article in a local magazine about my new endeavor quickly helped me grow to 60 students. My business made for a good story. I was running a rock band school which was a novel idea in 2002, a year before the School of Rock movie.


The keyword here is novel. Once the novelty of my school wore off I needed a new approach to growing my business.


Eric Bourassa Part II

This episode is part II of 3 part series with Eric Bourassa, owner of Fort Worth Music Academy.  Eric was able to quickly build his music school up to 100+ students but struggles with producing the growth he needs to reach 200 students and beyond.

In this podcast series, Eric and I dig deep into his marketing to see what adjustments he might be able to make in his marketing to help get him the results he’s looking for me.


Today’s Featured Music School 

Thank you to Maureen Walsh for your recent review of the podcast.

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