A Makeup Lesson Policy That Everyone Loves | Ep 100

September 25, 2020

Your Students and Your Office Staff Will Love This

Offering makeup lessons is a seemingly pro-customer feature in any music studio.  Makeup lessons however require administrative muscle, energy, and time. Scheduling makeup lessons can turn into a full-time job as your studio expands beyond the 100+ student count. It can also become a source of distraction and stress; especially when your instructor fails to show up for the makeup scheduled at an earlier or later time than usual (has that ever happened to you?)


How Much Money Are You Losing to Make Up Lessons?

In a recent poll conducted in the Music Lessons and Marketing group, the average music studio spends 8-12 hours a month on rescheduling and managing makeup lessons.  That breaks down to $150-$200 in administrative time to accommodate those that have other, or even “better” things to do.


How to Focus on the things that really matter in your Studio

What if you could eliminate that expense and free up time to focus more on making sales and strengthening your relationships with customers?

In episode 100  of Music Lessons and Markering, I reveal a makeup lesson policy that your customers will love and will free you up to focus more on the things that really matter.


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