How to Make Your Students Feel Celebrated, Successful and Famous | Ep 43

September 27, 2019

Make Your Music Studio a Local Favorite

Being the biggest music studio in your market is nice. You might be number 2 or 3 which ain’t too shabby. But what if you could be THE leader? THE music studio that truly builds community and empowers kids and teaches them about leadership. What if you could make kids feel more confident in ways other than music lessons?


Let’s face it, music is magical – no, it’s straight-up magic. Just ask any kid who’s rocked a drum beat, rolled a piano, or thumped a bass. Music changes lives. But why stop with music. Why not focus on other ways to have an impact on kids.


In this episode, I map out an easy strategy that will make your students feel special, smart, celebrated, successful and FAMOUS!   I lay out 5 easy ways to engage your audience in the interactive environment of  YouTube and/or podcasting.


Your competition will be scrambling once they catch wind of what you’re up to. Your competition will feel vulnerable. a step behind the times.  If they respond with a podcast it positions you as the thought leaders and them, the follower.


It’s a psychological victory and a boost for morale. Your competition would feel weakened by your much talked about podcast. If they roll a podcast out 2 months later they’ll need to position their show as something different. If it’s not different enough they run the risk of failure.

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