Do Your Music Lessons Live Up To Your Brand Promise? | Episode 22

How Do You Make Your Music Lessons Great?

How do you make your music lessons great? How do you live up to your brand promise?


In this episode, I explore how you can infuse your brand promise into the music lesson itself.  Ya gotta make good on the promises you make. A child’s opinion of the music lesson is a reflection of the success, or failure, of your brand promise.  Your customers will be confident in you if the lesson experience lives up to your brand promise.

Every music studio makes some sort of promise to their customers. A lot of people say that their music lessons are fun. Maybe they say that their music lessons are fun and easy. In my Kidzrock and Jr Rockerz programs, we make the promise that kids will be up and playing music on day one


The Fear Factor

My guest from last week, John Kozicki , says “music lessons so cool you’ll be jealous of your own kid.”  It’s a promise of fun that is so exhilarating you will want this experience. I’ve seen a few music schools say, “music lessons your kid will thank you for”. Your child will feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that they’ll be compelled to thank you for it.


There are three different categories that I notice schools adhering to. One is a reaction to fear. What do parents fear? They fear that their child is going to have a similar negative experience that they had as a child. So when you talk about your lessons being awesome or fun or easy, you’re tapping into the that fear.  You’re saying to the parent. Look, you can relax. This is going to be awesome. This is not going to be like the lessons you had to endure as a child.



Other music studios try to build desire in the parent by talking about how trans-formative the lessons are going to be. Maybe the studio talks about how their lessons are going to help the child realize their potential and will build the child’s self-confidence.



Some music studios will talk about connection. The community that the studio provides or the status that their child will have by being a musician, The value of playing music with other people and the social dynamics at play. Staten Island, school of rock talks about leadership, how your child will develop leadership skills through the experience of playing music.


Fear, desire and connection. Those are the three categories that I often see music studios directing their messaging to. And maybe they incorporate all three of those ideas into their, into their messaging.



Intro music: Dusted by Fojimoto

Outro music: Rain and Revolution by City Breathing


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