Does Your Music Studio Have a Mentor?

Your Music Teaching Business Needs Guide

Get a mentor, be a mentor. Gain perspective, give perspective. A guide to help guide you through the growth of your music studio will provide insights and provide quick fixes to problems when you’re stuck. You’re stuck because you are emotionally invested. Your mentor is not.


Why You Need a Guide 

A mentor is there to provide you with insight, perspective, and truth. They’re there to give you a dose of reality. You turn to your friends for advice, don’t you?  You often know what the answer will be, but none the less you desire the guidance because you are crippled by your emotions. It’s also helpful to verbalize your struggle. My mentor always tells me “I think you just said the answer to your question”.


How to Find YOUR GUIDE

Start telling people you’re looking for a mentor. Tell people at your church or synagogue. Perhaps there is someone in your family or a retired person in your community who is looking to remain engaged in business. Your mentor is out there.


How to Find Someone to Mentor

On the flip-side, you should become a Guide.  Being a mentor will force you to think and express yourself in ways that you never have before. Being a guide will force you to reconnect with what has become automatic but could use improvement in your business. It’s just like teaching music. The more you teach, the more you explain what you know, the more you understand music. It’s cool how that works.


Where To Find Someone a Guide

Facebook groups such as Music Lessons and Marketing , Music Lesson Business Academy and the Studio Challenge are great places to network with studio owners. There are lots of young start-ups looking for guidance and advise. I can’t stress the importance of being a mentor. You’ll learn alot from the experience of speaking out loud.


Verbalize So You Can Visualize 

I work with young music studio owner. Each time we talk on the phone I offer him advice. I find myself advising him to do things that I don’t even do. I know I should. Verbalizing it helps me connect with it. It helps put things in perspective.



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