A Detailed Strategy For Marketing Your Music Summer Camp | Ep 113

Music Summer Camp Marketing

As the COVID vaccine makes its rounds and people feel like it’s safe to get back in the water, an in-person summer camp could be a real possibility by June or July. Now is the perfect time to putting together your music summer camp marketing plan. 


Summer camp is an opportunity for a music studio to offset the summer slump that was painfully present in our pre-COVID world.  With the global distribution of a vaccine ramping up, the summer of 2021 is likely to look more like the summer of 2019.


Summer of 2021 Should Be Full of Pleasant Surprises

Music studios should brace for what I predict will be a profitable yet peculiar season.


Typically kids are burnt out from a taxing winter of academics and a frantic schedule of after-school activities. Dance, gymnastics, basketball, chess club, karate…the whole family is busy. Come summer; everyone says they need a break. People want to shift into natural and coast for a bit.


Music Summer Camp and New Opportunities 

Every family has their reasons for why they drop out of your music school in the summer. Family travel, sleep away camp or “I just need a break”.  Kids still need structure. This is where summer camp can come in to save the day


In this episode, I edit a combination of podcasts and Facebook videos I did last year on summer camp marketing and programming.


How to Market Your Music Summer Camp

This episode contains everything you need to know to not only put together a rock-solid summer camp marketing strategy but also shares some programing ideas as well.

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