Rituals and Customs with John Lee Dumas | Ep 29

Studio Owners On Fire

When I first heard the podcast Entrepreneurs On Fire I didn’t think it was for me.


The host, John Lee Dumas called himself JLD and he sounded like a high school senior who broke into the college radio station and took over the show.  He was a fast-talking, high-energy, old-school hip hop kid. 


I listened to his podcast again, but this time noticed that his show was full of rituals and customs. Rituals and customs make the listener feel like a part of the show.  He creates his own language, or really catchphrases and rally cries.  It only takes two episodes to figure out his insider’s language. It only takes two episodes to feel like an insider-to feel like a member of his tribe, his family, his “fire nation”.


Rituals and customs help elevate an experience. Rituals and customs help create community. They help people feel like a part of something.


We just celebrated the 4th of July in the US.  This is a holiday full of rituals and customs. That’s what makes the holiday so great. It’s what creates a framework for memories to be made.  Through rituals and customs, we’re able to connect with the true essence of the holiday.


Music studio owners can learn a lot from JLD and the use of rituals and customs. By implementing rituals and customs in your studio, you can elevate the entire experience. Rituals and customs is what will make your studio unique and stand out.



Intro music: Dusted by Fojimoto

Transition music: Levi Simon

Outro music: Rain and Revolution by City Breathing

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