How to Market Your Music Lessons on Instagram [Part 1 of 2] | Ep 98

How to Market Your Music Studio on Instagram

I ran a recent poll about Instagram strategies used by music studio owners in the Facebook group Music Lessons and Marketing.  I was curious to learn about how music studios feel about IG and what approach they take to marketing on the platform.


How to Stop Mom’s In Their Tracks

Instagram seems like an obvious marketing tool for music studios. Cute kids playing music are bound to stop moms in their tracks as they scroll down their IG feed looking for a quick pick me while waiting in the carpool line.  It’s right up there with dog and cat videos in terms of an easy smile.


Instagram is Meant to Be Social

According to the poll, most music studios are taking advantage of the visual appeal their school has to offer. Most, however, are not focused on engagement. Engagement with current students is natural when you post little Sophie holding up her award from her piano program.  The engagement is most likely limited to Sohpie’s mom and family and friends.


The Name of The Game Is Engagement

The Facebook poll, as well as my own snooping around on IG, revealed that music schools are good at internal marketing and hard selling but more effort could go into engaging with non-customers. More effort could go into creating content that isn’t only about your music studio. More effort could go into creating content that simply is of interest to your ideal customer.


market music lessons instagram


The 5 Instagram Post Types

I dig deep into the 5 post types, or themes, worth exploring on Instagram.  Your more likely to see the results you want by creating a strategy that touches on all of these points. These include posts that focus on…

  1. Entertainment
  2. Culture building
  3. Sales
  4. Engagement
  5. Education/Inspiration


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