An Instagram Ads Strategy For Group Classes | EP 227

In this episode, Danny Thompson shares insights into his newly launched digital marketing agency, Small Business Real Marketing, and delves into a straightforward Instagram ad strategy tailored for music group classes like Kidzrock or group piano lessons.


Danny’s strategy involves creating engaging video content, using basic editing tools, and optimizing ads through Instagram’s professional dashboard. With a modest budget, targeted audience creation, and ongoing testing of ad variations, Danny demonstrates how to achieve significant returns on investment and engagement.


We explore effective marketing strategies for small businesses, particularly focusing on leveraging Instagram ads. Overall, we emphasize the importance of strategic marketing in today’s business landscape and highlight the potential for innovative approaches to drive success for small businesses.


Here are some key points from the podcast episode:


1. Setting up a Business Account

It’s recommended to use a business account rather than a personal one for advertising on Instagram.


2. Creating Content

Before creating an ad, it’s advisable to establish a presence on Instagram by creating engaging content. This content can include reels, videos, or images, with videos being more effective currently.


3. Ad Content

Ads on Instagram are essentially promotions of existing posts on your account. They can be created from any post on your business account by allocating a budget to it.


4. Content Duration

Ads should typically be 30 to 60 seconds long, with shorter durations being more effective in capturing and retaining viewers’ attention.


5. Scripting Voiceovers

When creating ads, it’s important to have a compelling script for voiceovers. The script should highlight the benefits of the product or service being advertised and address potential objections or concerns that the audience might have.


6. Addressing Parental Concerns

For a music education program aimed at children, addressing parental concerns about traditional music lessons can be an effective marketing strategy. This can include highlighting the benefits of starting with a program like Kidzrock before transitioning to traditional lessons.


7. Pointing Out Problems

Effective marketing involves pointing out problems that potential customers might not have realized they had. This can help establish the marketer’s expertise and authority in the field.


8. Showing Class Activities

In addition to promotional content, showing snippets of actual class activities in ads can provide a glimpse into what the program offers and help potential customers visualize their child’s experience.


9. Utilizing Creative Tools

Highlighting the use of creative tools and methods in the program, such as utilizing gathering drums or teaching musical notation through interactive activities, can differentiate the program and attract potential customers.


10. Targeted Advertising

The effectiveness of advertising on Instagram versus Facebook depends on the specificity of the target audience. Niche ads, such as those for Kidzrock music classes, may perform better on Instagram due to the platform’s focus on visual content and its ability to target specific demographics.


11. Return on Investment (ROI)

Even with a small budget, advertising on Instagram can yield significant results in terms of impressions, website visits, and potential customer acquisition. Tracking metrics like website visits and conversion rates helps assess the effectiveness of the ad campaign.


12. Platform-Specific Ads

Building ads directly on Instagram allows for native content creation that aligns with the platform’s style and audience preferences. While it’s possible to cross-post ads from Facebook to Instagram, tailoring content specifically for Instagram may yield better results.

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