How To Increase Sales And Improve Retention In Just 10 Minutes | EP 226

Keeping your music school on everyone’s lips is key, and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Let’s explore two simple methods to achieve this effortlessly.



Engaging Current Students: A Daily Act of Generosity

Your current students are your advocates, but it’s essential to spark conversations beyond routine lessons. By investing a few minutes each day observing a student’s progress and sending a personalized email to their parents, you create lasting impressions. Highlighting the child’s growth and character traits fosters emotional connections, making you stand out and ensuring you’re remembered.



Rekindling Connections: Keeping Inactive Students in the Loop

Even students who have left your school can maintain valuable connections. A yearly email to check in on their child’s progress, devoid of any sales pitch, cultivates goodwill. This simple gesture keeps you top of mind, potentially opening doors to future enrollments or referrals. It’s about nurturing relationships, not sales, and it only takes a moment.



Efficient Strategies for Time and Impact

Implementing these strategies doesn’t demand significant time or resources. By dedicating brief moments each day to engage with current students and following up with inactive ones, you maintain connections effortlessly. Generosity not only enhances your brand but also uplifts your spirit, ensuring every interaction leaves a positive imprint on your music school community.

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